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Have you ever felt fragmented or felt like something was missing from your life? Do those things you have worked for, gathered, and sought for years no longer feel important? Are you seeking personal freedom, wholeness, or a deeper form of spirituality?

Throughout this website, I offer you ideas instead of solutions; experience instead of authority, and tidbits of wisdom to help you in your journey of authentic self-discovery.  You will:

  • Home---MediaDiscern for your own life some profound Spiritual truths by reading how I discovered my own sacred story in my memoir When Life Cried Out
  • Understand the meaning of “modern mystic” as well as discover how writing can be a profound form of spiritual emergence in my book Making of a Mystic.
  •  Not only explore the concept of Oneness, but take your own unique experience deeper utilizing specific writing techniques.
  •   Utilize your own specific forms of intuition – the voice of the soul.

At your leisure, I invite you to browse the pages of this website to learn not only some things about me, but to uncover some long forgotten things about yourself.  I also invite you to explore my books, read my blog, and attend a speaking engagement or contact me to instigate one.

Your life is about you, just as you are, perfect within your unique imperfections.  Live it. Love it. Enjoy it from the inside out.  I want to help you uncover that beautiful, wonderful soul that you already are.  After all, joy is discovered from the inside out.


“Hope is an interesting experience.  If we hope for a thing to occur, whether it is an event, an entitlement, or forthcoming help, we are expecting something beyond ourselves to come into our lives and make it all better, just as if a mother would put a bandage on a scraped knee. This form of anticipation has nothing to do with participation, other than the fact that we are wishing for something better.

However, hope changes into a very powerful attraction when it becomes a co-creating bond with Spirit. When this happens, a knowing that things will work for our highest good surrenders itself to a higher spiritual directive to make it all happen. Although we don’t know the specifics, we hold tight to the fact that our own choices will intuitively lead us into the right direction.”


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