March 8, 2018

The tide was low enough to stretch the beach twice as deep as it had been six hours earlier. The soft breeze fluttered my writing tablet to the point that I used paper clips to hold the pages in place. In spite of the winter weather, I sat facing the ocean with a heavy coat, knit hat, and pen poised in gloved hands to discern the wisdom of the moment. Oceans, beaches, and the sounds of the waves always inspire me. It didn’t take long.

Realizing my task would be easier if I faced in a slightly different direction, I turned the folding chair slightly to the left so that the wind was blowing toward my face instead of from my side. It wasn’t until then I noticed the flock of seagulls waddling to and fro among the waves playing themselves out on the beach.

For lack of anything else to write, I began to take notes about the seagulls. They faced the wind, just like me. They flew, sailed, and landed yet again. With self-assured agility, they pecked at the sand and chased minnows in the shallows. However, it wasn’t until I wrote this next observation that I laughed out loud. Seagulls never walk backwards. Frankly, I don’t think they even could.

Years ago I was at a seminar about our own body’s energy system. I found it fascinating that when a chosen participant from our audience walked backwards, his energy system was demonstrated to be much weaker by our teacher. She determined this by muscle testing before and afterwards. Not believing what I was seeing due to the oddity of the situation, I volunteered next. Sure enough, after I walked backwards, I could not hold my arm up parallel to the ground when gently pressed downward by the teacher. Humans it seems are not supposed to walk backwards, just like seagulls.

Yet, we humans do move backwards in so many different ways. For example, we fill our thoughts with regrets for things we cannot change. We wish we had made different choices, different decisions. We long for previous moments, for that old high school sweetheart, or any of a number of experiences stashed in our memories. When we excessively ponder previous events such as these, nothing good comes from it; it’s emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining.

Think about this for a moment. Does it really do any good to focus unreasonably on our past? Oh yes, learn the lessons your life has taught you. Claim the wisdom your experiences have taught you. But remember this: You cannot successfully move forward while looking backwards. Instead, roll up your sleeves, formulate new intentions, and face the winds of life head on, just like the seagulls. Life won’t work any other way.



January 25, 2018

After learning the words to the song “The First Noel” well enough to be able to sing my six-year-old heart out one Christmas season, I asked my mother about the meaning of a phrase in the song, “to certain poor shepherds.”

“What did God do to the shepherds?” I implored with heartfelt earnest.  “What does it mean to certain someone?” Thinking the word was a verb instead of an adjective, I needed to know exactly God changed the shepherds that night. More specifically, I wanted to know how I could become certained, too.

Frankly, I don’t remember her exact answer, other than it had something to do with reading the Bible, Jesus being born, and the Christmas season; her second answer had more to do with me asking the questions to someone else another time.  I always needed spiritual depth in the answers to my many questions, just as I do now. However, my mother had her hands full with a newborn daughter and a three-year-old that demanded a lot more attention than Mother was able to give. With a muscle disease to manage, a husband that was gone a lot, and her own household to manage, answers to my many questions weren’t her main focus at the time. So, for years, I just assumed that God certained those particular Shepherds, an unknown result making them special enough to be part of every Christmas manger scene I have ever noticed. Many years later, I had a good laugh, realizing that the word certain in the song meant that the angels sang their Noels to specific shepherds, probably those that had the God-given sense to follow the star.

Lately, I’ve revisited the word certained, even though every dictionary I’ve consulted never lists it as a verb. Perhaps it should be though.  After all, aren’t each of us specially made as we leave the comfort of our mother’s womb? Aren’t each of us created in the image of God, created as a part of Divine Love, and aren’t each of us supported every moment of every day and night by Divine Spirit, whether we know it or not?

Think about this for a moment. Do you have the God-given sense to awaken to your own inner Divinity? To follow that special star created just for you?  You have one, you know. Not the kind of star that the Shepherds saw lighting up the sky at night, but something just as phenomenal, if not more special.  It’s not hanging out there in the cosmos, but is inside your heart, part of your Soul. You access it through your intuition (the voice of the Soul), your inner wisdom, and your faith – however you choose to believe. Be still enough to listen, be astute enough to incorporate and then claim the direction of life that suits you best, and keep moving forward, however you are able. Without a doubt, you can do this, just like the Shepherds did. Just like them, you have indeed been certained by nature of your birth. You are part of a Loving Presence – cells, body, thoughts and all, whether you appreciate it or not.  You are quite special. You really are!






January 18, 2018

Have you ever seen an emperor penguin walk? Because of their body configuration, they take short steps, often waddling from side to side in the process. Their head bobs side to side also, moving in rhythm to the cadence of their walk. If humans had to walk this way, we never would get anywhere. Yet, […]

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Love in the Midst of Chaos

December 14, 2017

I did not want to be in the check-out line at the grocery store that afternoon because it was so very crowded. Yet, Easter was the next day and I had family coming to dinner. I attempted to move my cart a few inches to the right, hoping to find more space. Yet, there was […]

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December 7, 2017

Settling down last night after a rather full day, we delightfully discovered a program on TV that made us think, then one that made us laugh. Yet, it took less than five minutes of watching the news before we cut that nonsense off. What was reported to be news actually was sensationalism, exaggerated horror stories […]

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Consciousness Begins Individually

November 30, 2017

The other day while cleaning out a drawer in one of the vacant bedrooms, I rediscovered some old photographs I had taken when on a trip to Greece overlooking the Mediterranean. The pictures jogged an old memory of rather concerning thoughts that flooded yet again into my mind. Oh, the area was so beautiful. But, […]

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