Bigger Dreams

November 9, 2017

According to our cat, Sir George… To get dinner every night, he has to follow a rather specific procedure.  At the first sign of tummy growling, he goes through the kitty door at the bottom of the screened porch door. While standing on his hind legs, he boxes continually on the glass kitchen door.  Sometimes this boxing […]

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Your Personal Bill of Rights

November 2, 2017

  A “personal bill of rights” is simply affirmations for living.  They, too, are self-evident; however, after emotionally abusive situations, many have been conditioned to forget these rights.  It helps to read them daily for an inner empowerment resurfaces as they become ingrained into your personal viewpoint.   These are some I have created over […]

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Making Better Choices

May 22, 2015

Settling down last night after a rather full day, we delightfully discovered a program on TV that made us think, then one that made us laugh. Yet, it took less than five minutes of watching the news before we cut that nonsense off. What was reported to be news actually was sensationalism, exaggerated horror stories […]

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