Modern MysticThroughout the ages, very intuitive women and men who not only understood life deeper, knew life as a Spiritual experience, but also functioned through a unique intuition have been called many names, including intuitives, psychics, healers, clairvoyants, seers, mediums, and saints.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, a rose by any other name is just as sweet.  What I found important is not the name, but the characteristics of modern mystic that makes this topic more interesting.  Do any – or all – of these apply to you?

A modern mystic is a woman (or man) who understands life deeper than the ordinary five senses allow.

She has not only awakened to her profound sense of intuition but utilizes it daily.  In fact, it’s quite commonplace for her.

Although there are six major forms of intuition, she uses all, a few or just one major form with ease.

The modern mystic knows her talents – her spiritual gifts – and through appreciation does her best to manifest them with grace.

Being a modern mystic is not something she does.  Instead, it is something she accepts and then allows.

The modern mystic is very connected to a Higher Power.  She realizes she is not all of God, but is part of God.  She feels this deep connection through her heart clear into her soul.

She “taps into” God, finding her empowerment in that still, small voice within.

The Modern Mystic knows Spiritual empowerment is infinitely stronger than personal power.

Whether on the frontlines of healing, or participating in another way, she facilitates humanity’s grow in wisdom and Spirit.

This facilitation process is not something she does, but instead is something that is done through her. She is a pinpoint of a greater Light shining through.

She often functions on more than one level when meeting others one on one.  For instance, she may look into the eyes of another and see a Spiritual Wholeness that is not readily obvious through more ordinary means.

Modern Mystic 2No two Modern Mystics are alike.  For this reason, they are able to support each other, filling in gaps when necessary and blending into a greater possibility.

The modern mystic gleans a greater understanding throughout life, realizing personal growth is process-oriented, not event-oriented.   It’s also Spiritually oriented.

There are times in a Modern Mystic’s experiences when she is not understood by others, and times when her thoughts may seem challenging to others.  She learns to be comfortable with this, appreciate it, and simply be content within her own understanding.


If you do relate to any of these characteristics, then I suspect you are on the way to realizing yourself as a Modern Mystic.  When this realization occurs in a woman’s life, often changes come so fast, a bit of clarity is valuable.

I would love to support you as you begin to understand your own gifts, to help you manifest your own Modern Mystic possibilities.  If you have already read my books, read my blog, and still want more, please contact me. There are several ways we can work together in order to make this new adventure delightful.



“Like an acorn buried deep within the fertile soil awaiting precise conditions of God’s nourishment before it morphed into the mighty oak it was created to be, within my heart I also had a seed of authentic essence. Perhaps my own kernel of awakening lay dormant for many years awaiting its chance to grow. Maybe it had been bristling with desire all my life, awaiting only personal recognition before glowing like a full moon’s radiance into all areas of my being. Honestly, none of that mattered to me then. What did matter pulled me forward into a new day, centered me when my emotions created temporary chaos, and presented me with a choice daily of whether to view the world though the eyes of a victim or through the soul of my own love.”




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