069As I juggled an overstuffed canvas bag filled with all manner of granola bars, reading materials, and anything else I may need on an overnight flight to Belgium one spring several years ago, the man sitting next to me asked, “So, what are you about, anyhow?”

Momentarily, I stopped cramming the bag under the seat in front of me as I looked up from my precarious position, wedged into a seat too narrow for anything larger than a decent loaf of bread. “Huh?” was the sum total of anything I could think of to say.

Back then, I no more could have told him what I am about than I could have quoted the Declaration of Independence. However, now I do have what I gently call a personal philosophy, those truths that I feel are self evident to my own life, based more upon my experience, a grand teacher. I share them for two reasons. First, a personal philosophy is a grand way to really get to know someone from the inside out. Secondly, and quite important, it gives us a way to share with one another so that we all may be just a tad wiser for the effort.

Realize it’s not the experiences you have had – whether optimal or non-optimal – that create your outlook on life. Instead, it’s your attitude about these experiences that most profoundly influence your life.

Happiness is like the mighty oak tree that starts life as a tiny acorn. The power to grow joyful is an inside job.

You are more empowered than you realize, have available answers when you are so confused that you cannot even think of the questions, and are supported by Spirit in ways you may not even understand. This becomes realized deeper through the spiritual grace of surrendering and allowing rather than manipulation and coercion.

No one ever gets anywhere by sitting and waiting for life to come to her or him. Instead, be brave enough to take that first step forward, however small, however scared you may be to move into the direction of your authentic dreams.

There will be times when no one understands you, including yourself. There will be times when others say things that upset you, or do not act or say what you think you need. Remember, all that is never really about you, anyhow. Instead, they are simply showing you a reflection of what they perceive as themselves. Have no expectation of others; live with grace.

PhilosophyRelationship tangles are never just one person’s fault. Be wise enough to look deeply into the mirror of your intentions, to admit personal imperfections, and to make personal changes when necessary. Blame – whether self or other directed – is like wearing weighted cement shoes while running life’s marathon. You may finish the race, but it’s going to be quite a struggle.

The rational mind and the intuitive mind are two sides of the same coin. When one is over emphasized, we are missing half of our own normality.

Sometimes what frightens us the most is also the thing that is the most important in our lives. Even though we may think we are content to hide in the shadows, the sunshine beckons us outside into the Light.

Comfort is often a misnomer. Even the butterfly cannot fly without first experiencing the confinement of a cocoon. Without the struggle, it cannot be strong.

On those days when you just cannot seem to hold things together, visit nature. Something about walking in a forest, noticing blooms open up to God’s grace, or hearing the lapping waves of the sea or the light glistening on a mountain lake can be so healing. Just seeing the ever busy squirrels scampering through their own everyday events brings one back to center. As Thoreau wrote, “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our head.”

You already are what you seek. It’s not about your past, not about your future. Life is your present. Be in the moment, notice the exquisite details of the world around you, and be filled with gratitude for the experience. Don’t just witness the world through your senses. Instead, open your heart, allow the feelings to explode clear into your soul, and know that you are very connected.

“The wisdom of the moment told me right there and then that even though I felt fragmented, that even though I felt like I had been scattered to the winds of change, that even though I had lost so much in the way of life as I previously knew it, Spirit was holding my pieces in Holy Hands, the glue that was keeping me moving forward. Something out there, up there, in there, larger than I, greater than I, holier than I, listened to not only every word I wrote, but every word I said as well as thought. Through the voice of my soul, that still, small voice of God heard me, directed me. Better yet, everything would be just fine.”

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