032For the first half of my life, I felt quite unauthentic, emotionally fragmented and a bit lonely. I had no idea who I was. Yet, I knew with excruciating detail how to arrange flowers, how to adorn myself in order to fit into social functions, and how to set an exquisitely formal table. I absolutely knew what was expected of me, but I had no idea about my talents or purpose. By the tender age of 20, I was married.  Two years later, I had earned a college degree in education I had absolutely no intention of ever using.  For decades, I felt like a simple period at the end of the southern version of a plain, declarative sentence.  I was absolutely miserable.

After a melanoma’s wakeup call, I realized I was not living the life I was meant to live. I knew I wanted to be happy, to experience Love, and to really, truly be me, whoever that was.  With an intensity that shuddered not only my world but also the world of others, I eventually left marriage, home, and community in order to explore, make life changes for the better, and ingrain the difference between religion and true spirituality.  I studied spirituality, psychic arts, and metaphysical law in depth, eventually earning a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. For six years, I followed my sense of intuition – that still, quiet, holy voice within – in order to travel the world and put my education into practice.

By following that intuitive voice of Divinity that profoundly led me through experiences of dreams synchronicities, and travel, I discovered my inner realm, my soul.  From my many trips to Belgium, I learned that home is actually an inner security instead of a location. I experienced mysticism on a hill in Ireland, feminine rage in Malta, the restorative power of Grace in the Temple of Isis, intense healing intuition in Auschwitz, and true Divine empowerment in the Great Pyramid.  At all times, I utilized my intuition to guide me, to help me seek answers when I could find none myself, and to keep me safe in my journey. Eventually, I finally understood I was not born without, I had not gotten lost, and I was not lacking one thing that I needed to feel whole.  As explained in my book When Life Cried Out, I was already whole; I had just been telling myself the wrong types of stories.

Through all these experiences, I continued to write.  At first, my writing was simply rage on paper.  This morphed through journaling and then again through the mystical question and answer sessions I explain in my book Making of a MysticThrough writing, rewriting, and then rewriting again, I learned how memoir moves personal experience from the trauma part of the brain into the analytical reasoning part of the brain where it can finally be put to rest. In this way, your experiences finally show up on the page as sacred story.

My Story

As a modern mystic, facilitator, speaker, author and artist, I provide information to assist you in making those spiritually empowering self-discoveries you seek. Through my books, blogs, courses, and speaking engagements, we gently discern the difference between your own authentic sacred story and those stories you tell yourself to endeavor to make things real in your life.  As a member of Spiritual Directors International, I can assist you as you both discover and live your own sacred story.

Life is so much fun. Why not really, truly live it?  I know I do; it’s been worth every effort.


“Paddy is a captivating storyteller. She has a magical gift for weaving the mystical and the mainstream together. She is indeed a Modern Mystic of the highest order.”

Donna Burick
Holistic Life Coach ~ Energy Therapist

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